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Do you take donations?

The short answer is yes we do provided they are in decent shape we are not a trash dump and dropping off materials that are to damaged to sell hinders our business. Metal objects may be left in any shape providing they do not contain freon, electronics, or other contaminates as these can be sold for scrap prices to further aid the store. We will accept clothes, toys, household goods, furniture, appliances, books, and pretty much anything saleable or donatable. A good rule is if you wouldn't buy it in the shape it is in don't leave it.

Will you donate items to our fund raiser?

Yes we can and often do donate items to fund raisers when the cause is a just one. We do ask if you are looking for items however that you please stop in and look for yourself to see what we have in stock that would work for your needs.

Can you get rid of these old monitors or tv's for me?

No electronics are something that are very hard to discard and require an electronics recycler to process to avoid pollution. We can not take broken electronics..

Would you take less for this item?

This is a question we welcome and the answer varies depending on what the item is and how it came to be in the store. Most items we will work with you on the price if possible.

Will you buy this item off of me?

We regularly buy silver coins/bars and will often pay more than most pawn shops for these items provided there is some room left for a profit. We are in the business of selling and not in the market to collect the prices we pay are based on current silver market values and fluctuate sometimes by the minute.

Do you offer refunds?

Electronics are the main thing we will refund on. If a mistake was made or an item is found to be broken we will replace or issue a refund and do everything we can to make it right provided the item is promptly returned in the same shape as it left with a sales slip accompanying it.

How long has the store been here?

Dave's Deals opened July 1st 2012. However I am the 3rd owner of the store and it has functioned in it's current location for close to 30 years that I know of as a thift store. Being ran by the late Sandy Goss followed by Wanda Kisamore and now ran by Dave Stemple. This makes the store the longest operating thrift shop in the area.

How qualified is the owner to run a store?

I have ran retail for a good portion of my life at PEMS I ran the school store in the morning, at TCHS I ran the school store at lunch, I worked at the same store under both previous owners, as well as also running Ebay based sales in my spare time.

Who do I talk to concerning suggestions or issues at the store?

Don't worry about offending us if you have a suggestion or concern both are welcomed and should be made to Dave. Everyone should be open to comments and suggestions as everyone makes mistakes and noone knows everything.

Do you give credit?

We do not offer credit if you ask an item may be held for up to 1 week for you if you do not come back within that week it will be sold.

Are you in competition with other local thrift shops?

We would much rather work with other local thrift stores than be in competition. Many of us share the same customer base and send customers to each other if we don't have what they are looking for. I don't feel it would serve the community or the store to wish any ill will on another business or owner.

Can I find a valuable antique at your store cheap?

While this is unlikely to happen it has in the past. Dave knows a thing or two about how valuable some antiques are but noone can know everything. If you find an item worth a lot of money really cheap by all means buy it and enjoy

Is it true you sell body jewelry?

We used to but as of right now all our body jewelry inventory has been shifted to our other store Dixie Dave's located behind our shop on Second St.

Do you allow firearms in your store?

Dave's at home around guns as are most of his customers all firearms both open and concealed may be carried freely upon Dave's Deals property. We believe firmly in responsible gun ownership and constitutional carry. This is clearly stated on our sign in the main window of the store.

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